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neo functional material 2018

New Value Generating Functional Materials

Materials zone [Functional Materials]coatings/paints/inks, adhesives, PSA/release agents, anchor coatings, emulsions/microcapsules, substrate films, metal foils, glass/inorganic polymers, composite materials, etc.
[Functional Resins/Additives]synthetic resins/engineering plastics, elastomer,antistatic reagents, nano materials (CNT, graphene, etc.),thermal management materials (heat radiation/conduction), curing reagents, surfactants, defoamers, dispersants, inhibitors, polymerization initiators, modifiers, pigments, master batches, battery materials, etc.
[Functional Films]optical films, electrical films, photovoltaic films/battery films/fuel cell films, high-barrier films, heat resistant films, hard films, transparent conductive films, automotive/industrial films, packaging films, medical films, architectural films, sign printing films, etc.
Neo functional
paper zone
functional paper, paper/special paper, pulp/raw fiber/paper making materials, paper making chemicals, nonwoven fabric, functional fibers/fiber sheets/compound materials, filters, separators, cellulose/cellulose nanofiber, biomass resources/materials, paper making machinery/pulp machinery/coaters/nonwoven fabric production machines/pulverizers, paper making technology/paper convertingtechnology/secondary converting technology, etc.
Prototyping /
Contracting zone
[Contracted Manufacturing]coating, adhesives, lamination, coating technology, surface treatment, slitting/cutting/die-cutting/punching, knurling/embossing, surface treatment, polishing, polymerization, formulation/synthesis, compounding, dispersion, grinding, contracted manufacturing, film forming, etc.
[Services]research, analysis, measuring, prototyping, pilot production, OEM, R&D support (test sample production, etc.), consulting, etc.
Machinery zone coater, vacuum film deposition devices, laminators, printing machines, slitters, rewinders, film forming devices and related equipment, inspection equipment, control systems, rollers, web handling devices, static and dust removal equipment, blades, testing/measuring/analysis equipment, pulverizers/mixers, other peripheral equipment

Printable Electronics 2018

Aiming to Realize a World of IoT Through Printed & Flexible Electronics

[Process Technology/Equipment]
inkjet, screen printing, gravure offset printing, imprinting, transfer printing, 3D printing, UV printing, sputtering, micro-patterning exposure equipment, laser ablation, drying-curing-sintering equipment, etc.
metal inks, nano-metal inks, conductive wiring, conductive polymers, insulation inks, heat-resistant films, substrates, etc.
flexible devices, organic TFT, OLED, electronic paper, measuring-evaluation-analysis equipment, microscopes, etc.

3Decotech Expo 2018

Specialized in the Decoration Technologies that Create New Value through the Fusion of Ornamentation and Function

[Decorative Film/Transfer Foil]
in-mold lamination film, in-mold transfer film, overlay transfer film, overlay lamination film, water transfer film, deposition film, transfer foil, hologram film, etc.
[Decorative/Transfer Equipment]
3D decorative molding technology, insert molding, in-mold lamination, in-mold decoration, surface decoration technology, trimming equipment, die-molds, etc.
[Converting Technology]
decoration, molding, graining, hair lining, sandblasting, heat & cool molding, decorative plating, coating, gloss application, finishing technologies, design, etc.
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