Exhibition Categories 2019

Convertech Japan 2019

“Coating, Laminating, Slitting” Converting Machine/Technology Exhibition

[Converting Equipment/Film Forming Machines]
coaters, vacuum film forming equipment, laminators, printing machines, slitters, cutters, die-cutters, foil stamping equipment, embossing equipment, unwinders, rewinders, film forming equipment, steel belts, t-dies, ring-dies, etc.
printing surface inspection equipment, defect inspection equipment, static electricity countermeasures, web cleaners, plasma treatment equipment, drive controllers, rolls, cores, shafts, chucks, web guide systems, cutters, knife holders, testing-measuring-analysis equipment, grinders, mixers, humidifiers, UV lamps, EB curing systems, far infrared, pumps, filters, etc.

neo functional material 2019

New Value Generating Functional Materials

Materials zone [Functional Materials]coatings/paints/inks, adhesives, PSA/release agents, anchor coatings, emulsions/microcapsules, substrate films, metal foils, glass/inorganic polymers, composite materials, etc.
[Functional Resins/Additives]synthetic resins/engineering plastics, elastomer,antistatic reagents, nano materials (CNT, graphene, etc.),thermal management materials (heat radiation/conduction), curing reagents, surfactants, defoamers, dispersants, inhibitors, polymerization initiators, modifiers, pigments, master batches, battery materials, etc.
[Functional Films]optical films, electrical films, photovoltaic films/battery films/fuel cell films, high-barrier films, heat resistant films, hard films, transparent conductive films, automotive/industrial films, packaging films, medical films, architectural films, sign printing films, etc.
Neo functional
paper/fiber zone
functional paper, paper/special paper, pulp/raw fiber/wood materials (cellulose/CNF/biomass plastic)/paper making materials, paper making chemicals, nonwoven fabric, functional fibers/fiber sheets/compound materials, filters, separators, biomass resources/materials, paper making machinery/pulp machinery/coaters/nonwoven fabric production machines/pulverizers, paper making technology/paper converting technology/secondary converting technology, etc.
NEW Light-weighting
materials zone
light-weighting plastics (thermoplastics/thermosetting plastics/CFRP/GFRP/composites)/composites (CNT/CNF/glass fiber/other fillers)/compositing technology/equipment, joining technology, surface treatment technology, etc.
Contracting zone
[Contracted Manufacturing]coating, adhesives, lamination, coating technology, surface treatment, slitting/cutting/die-cutting/punching, knurling/embossing, surface treatment, polishing, polymerization, formulation/synthesis, compounding, dispersion, grinding, contracted manufacturing, film forming, etc.
[Services]research, analysis, measuring, prototyping, pilot production, OEM, R&D support (test sample production, etc.), consulting, etc.

JFlex 2019

“Flex, Stretch, Connect” Specialized in the Converting Technologies and Materials that Realize Flexible Devices

[Flexible Sensors]
pressure sensing, temperature sensing, strain distribution sensing, touch sensors, electromyography, optical sensors, bio-sensors, etc.
[Flexible Devices/Solutions]
organic TFT, OLED, electronic paper, solar cells, flexible batteries, RFID, biometric authentication, measuring-evaluationanalysis equipment, microscopes, development tools, wireless power supply technology/rapid charging technology, device solutions, etc.
flexible circuits (film, textile, paper, metal foil, glass, etc.), conductive materials (e-textiles, antistatic agents, conductive polymers, metal inks, nano-inks, pastes), insulators, nano-materials, coatings, adhesives/adhesive resins, other materials
[Process Technology/Equipment]
printing technology/equipment (gravure, screen, flexo, inkjet, transfer, photolithography, etc.), FHE technology, imprinting, sputtering, micro-patterning exposure equipment, laser ablation, drying-curing-sintering equipment, component packaging systems, etc.

3Decotech Expo 2019

Specialized in the Decoration Technologies that Create New Value through the Fusion of Ornamentation and Function

[Decorative Film/Transfer Foil]
in-mold lamination film, in-mold transfer film, overlay transfer film, overlay lamination film, water transfer film, deposition film, transfer foil, hologram film, etc.
[Decorative/Transfer Equipment]
3D decorative molding technology, insert molding, in-mold lamination, in-mold decoration, surface decoration technology, trimming equipment, die-molds, etc.
[Converting Technology]
decoration, molding, graining, hair lining, sandblasting, heat & cool molding, decorative plating, coating, gloss application, finishing technologies, design, etc.

Advanced Printing Technology Exhibition 2019

Printing Opens the Way to the Future!

[Printing Machines]
gravure, flexo, screen, on-demand printing equipment, digital, inkjet, flexible packaging offset printing, label printing, pad printing, 3D printing, short-run printing, etc.
[Plate Making/Peripheral Equipment]
plate making systems, DTP, image processing, editing systems, CCM, proofing equipment, sleeve systems, chamber systems, image inspection equipment, printing ink, etc.
[Printing Processes]
gravure, flexo, screen, inkjet, etc.
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